Thursday, December 13, 2012

Small dose of....




Seems like my Lenovo (which i named M5)had shown some signs of old ages.
The construction by utilizing mostly metal such as aluminium turns out to be a not-so-good idea (or maybe it is too good).
Problem is, my Lenovo now kept giving me small doses of electricity whenever i touch the metal parts, including the Lenovo label at the back and especially at the USB ports.
Wiredly enough, it only happened when i connect the power cord directly.
Recap: I insisted on buying the V360 because of the aluminium shell. Plus, it had his scratch proof lid with beautiful aluminium brushing effect. Truly beautiful addition.
As an engineer, i consider the alumunuim casing for its thermal condition - 'the whole machine' is now a cooling plant for the processor. 
So,  I do like the aluminium shell.
Well, this machine had served me nearly 4 years now and so far i've only had this problem.
Come to think of it, kudos Lenovo engineers.
Anyone experiencing the same thing?

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